Saturday, September 24, 2011

come as you are

my special friend..i never knew i would be falling in love with you..
i had that feeling to deeply inside
thanks because always beside me no matter what situation i had..

and i just declare my feeling to you,
but u never said that
if does u said u just testing me..hahaha..funny rite???
hmm but it does not matter
if im not with you i still can be friends with you my dear..
thanks so much for let me love you..
thanks because always be there for me..

im always try my best to know you even just so much different than this before..
i hope i can make it with you..thanks for always smile for me..i do appriciate for what we have in..i will always take care of my heart to you..even im older than you..huhuhuuhu..funny,it just love rite?hehehe..
even no words that you say love to me and we couple like are friends,
now i want to say this I LOVE YOU Fahzel Awang..thanks so much (^__^)V

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