Monday, August 26, 2013

Dream.Believe.Make It Happen

hye! Assalamualaikum guys... how's ur life?getting better or worst??heheh..hope u'all have a wonderful cheer life ever have.. me??not quite enough..hehe..coz i still wandering my life,,doing thing what i really want but cant have it yet.. for some point I'm actually dislike or should i say it,really hate this kind of life I've live on..well i say it coz i can't do what i want to..too bad??isn't it..*sigh*.. life is complicated whether in relationship or family manner.. at some point i just wanna FREDOOM?? couldn't they understand what i want?? I've grown-up!! I'm already 25 and I have nothing..I don't have a carrier(salary)and i have a dream that i want to believe make it happen.. but what i should do is struggling to do my best..and make them open their eyes for what I'm capable desire is still doesn't actually achieve yet..but insya Allah,,i will do it..hope they give me my private life(for this hope my family doesn't bother me)..keep fighting for me!! :)