Monday, March 26, 2012

"faLlinG aPaRt"

seriously it just another story to say..sometimes i feel like im an idiot who are willing to do anything to the one that i love..can u imagine this??? im willing to give him..aiyyarkkk...but surely im just playing it..hahaha..whewwww im not dare enough to give it..bullshit what i said before..hahah..perhaps im just getting wild that i just love him too deeply..hurmm..why it being like this..perhaps i should shut up my mouth before it getting worse..some said silence is better than talking nonsense..yeahhh...that's true baby...
for sure right now i don't want to break up mouth keep saying,but my mind keep sorry sayang..i dont let you go again..just sometimes im just like being childish when something wrong happen in our relationship..i love you like i love song baby..hahahha..aku sudah mula mengarut..tolonglah tahan ngan perangai ku ni ya sayang??huhuhuh.. i want to be ur wife...hehe,,aminn..insyaAllah with Allah will..i will wait for it.. (^__^)