Monday, June 27, 2011

Pengakhiran itu adalah permulaan


Sesuatu yang amat pasti bila sesuatu yg kita anggap itu adalah pengakhiran sebenarnya adalah suatu permulaan. Sudah semestinya kita pasti akan dibayangi satu keadaan emosi yang sangat meruntun jiwa apabila berlakunya pengakhiran. Tetapi apabila kita melihat pengakhiran itu sebagai sesuatu permulaan,kita akan jadi lebih tabah hadapi hidup dan belajar untuk menerima hakikat kenyataan.

Setiap pertemuan itu pasti ada perpisahan,setiap yang bernyawa itu pasti akan meninggalkan jasadnya, dan setiap benda yang diciptakan pasti akan musnah atau tamat tempohnya kerana segalanya hanyalah bersifat sementara dan tidak akan kekal di dunia fana ini. Walaupun ianya menyakitkan tapi kita harus merelakannya kerana apa yang kita miliki kini bukanlah milik kita selamanya.

I'LL put together the mosaic pieces one by one.
and once again restore the picture of you and i,
my mistakes haunt me as i try to sleep,
when i wake,they are still there, Fruitless and empty.
The same meaningless repitition.

I gathered up the mosaic pieces as i tried to live on,
that which was distorted now becomes beautiful,
On the road i chose, i stumbled while pretending i'm strong,
the pieces are gone, only voids are left behind,

In this world covered in everyone's natural respective,
I thought i had something i couldn't share with anyone else,
but true colors never changes,
the mosaic pieces come in myriads of color,
colours I had thought were left in the past,
the love that was once in my heart faded away,
leaving behind pieces unforgettable.

The reversing contors are beginning change,
the contrast between them is of beauty,
feeling dejection,i can wait no longer,
i can and i will find my own answer.

The mosaic pieces vividly show the lies and mistakes of the past,
the more i feel the need to rid myself of them,
i look back, to find that i haven't yet moved from the starting line,
I shall try to achieve my dreams once more,

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